Gourleys Brittanys Gallery

Gourley Dogs Happily Hunting With Owners

Jade and Shaun on 1st-trip

Dreams of someday being a hunter

Who get their 1st


Josey's first hunting trip to Montana for pheasant

Jade is proud of her find

Jade knows there is a bird in there

Keno on point

Josey with Grouse

Keno Bunch Of Birds

Rusty on point

Keno Retrieving

Rio Point




Arrow winning 1st place

Miki on Point


Gourley Dogs With Happy Pet Owners

A boy and his dog (Arrow)

Sisters & Brothers

Oh boy, it's Christmas

Penny and Desi Best-Friends


Sisters and Brothers 2

Paul and Flame

Jake & Mikayla


Gourley Dog Candid Pictures

Flame and his bunny friends

Flame and his twin guinea pigs

He looks like me but...

I'm Miki the sland girl

Jade really loves the snow

My name is Jake Duner

So that's where my name Shonto comes from

That's the life


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Bailey as a Puppy
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There is a Bird under that Snow Best Friends
Christmas Dogs
Rio and Bailey Josey with Grouse
Flame and his bunny -friends

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